Team building

Sailing as a team sport

Even as an individual sailor, in order to succeed, you need to build a team around you, that team includes your family, sailing coach, training partners, sailing federation,club sponsor and the list can go on and on. Learning how to create and manage the right team around you will be synergistic to your results as a sailor.
Sometimes it is easier and sometimes harder, but no man is an island and no sailor or athlete can succeed on his own.
At Toplevel Sailing we have vast knowledge and experience in team building and in teaching and assisting individual sailors to create and manage their sailing team to ensure their success.
The east Java sailing team had a great team spirit and enabled support to even the newest team members. It enabled us to introduce a non-sailor to the team and, within a very short period of time, reach a high level of sailing both technically and tactically. Massive respect to Ririn and the East Java Sports Committee for generating this sailing team and being open-minded to our additions as to the correct pathway of managing them.

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