About Us

We at Toplevel Sailing, bring our vast knowledge and proven methods to new nationsat affordable costs.

We were recently involved with the growth and development of the sailors in Taiwan and Indonesia, our other projects can be seen in Our Projects page.

We cover all aspects in order to ensure your nations, clubs and individual sailing program is successful. Our ability too cover all these aspects and building the right investment for success has provided a huge ROI to the various stakeholders.

Continuity is key which is why coach training is a the essence of our program and leaving a local junior coach trained enough to engage in the repetitive parts of the program allows us to supervise the program and engaging our expertise when required to keep the program affordable and allow in the continuity of knowledge and the creation of a legacy within the program.

Multinational training is one of our goals. This is to allow our clients to create international training groups and ensure healthy competition within our clients. This will also ensure speed is constantly improved and every member of the training group will have the opportunity to learn from other group members, therefore enhancing their racing abilities.

We give a base structure of personnel and sailors, with options on how that structure can develop.
We outline the rules within the structure and how they can be covered and by how many individuals.
We provide base numbers for achieving success.


Toplevel Sailing pursues the goal of achieving competitive success in the Olympic Games and on the world stage. We help identify talented sailors from any background, nationality or gender and the success of the mission is to be judged by the number of Olympic World and Continental medals won, and the personal development of all involved that includes the sailors, coaches, federations and nations.


We base all our coaching and competition on these values:

  • Our students are taught to never give up and have the will to win. Hence character development is huge.
  • The spirit of the sport is to play by the rules.
  • Losing gracefully is an essential part of learning to win well.
  • Humility and Respect are qualities of a a true champion and these qualities are encouraged and enhanced to raise Toplevel Sailing sailors to evolve into true role models and marketable celebrities in their own right.

These core values ensure the BEST in personal development and longevity of career, additionally prepping sailors for successful careers after sailing.

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