Influential Battens

Full Battens and Sail Shape In this blog we pose some questions and outline some answers.  The black art of batten technology and its complexity s demonstrated by the multiple answers given to any challenge by different people; therefore, an open mind and ability to analyze benefits and losses is as important as the knowledge... Continue Reading →

Body Moving

Dynamic Sailing and Bow Splashes One of the most destructive aspects to speed, in any sailing boat, is the bow splashes. This is particularly true in an optimist; more so than any other boat. Due to the shape of the optimist bow, each bow splash is equal to hitting a wall of a couple of... Continue Reading →

Wind Moves

Dealing with wind changes Sailing is a sport of infinite variables.  These variables happen both inside the sailing boat and in the weather, sea state and within the psychological factors concerning the sailing team.  Few sports can have the complexity that we see in sailing due to the transient nature of “change” that we experience... Continue Reading →

Toplevel Sailing Gives You WINGS

The complexities of sail coaching The job of coaching sports is fun, invigorating, inspiring, and above all an opportunity for personal development of the coach due to the environment of ambition and talent in which they work. Sailing is a sport of nearly infinite variables. Within each segment of our sport we rarely get the... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Sailing

This video allows us to see the difference between a dynamic sailor who is steering the boat to maintain speed, jumping waves and being dynamic and a sailor straight lining the run. Even when it is windy it is always faster to be dynamic; notice how the leech is open. This allows the sailor to... Continue Reading →

Peak Performance

Preparing for a peak performance event We were discussing the skills and art of “peaking”, and went rather further into this topic than intended at the time, but it was one of those interesting opportunities to exchange ideas and stimulate thoughts. The Olympic Games is special – one opportunity every four years to gain success. ... Continue Reading →

Block Heads

Sail shape Over the past 50 years sailing boats have probably evolved more than in the previous several centuries.  Drag has been greatly reduced, planing has been understood and rig efficiency and drag has been researched.  The wing is in, square head sails the norm, carbon masts are common.  Let’s consider some of our own... Continue Reading →

Optimist downwind

Kiting and sailing by the lee Sailing fast in an optimist is hard especially in downwind, the boat doesn't accelerate enough to enable surfing as other sailing boats might. There are 2 fast angles on a run, one is broad reaching and the second is sailing hard enough by the lee, both require the use... Continue Reading →

Learning and Coaching New Skills

Learning and Coaching New Skills The Analysis In any sport there are core skills and peripheral skills. As the athlete progresses the core skills usually multiply, and the peripheral skills will also grow in number. We may then logically ask who decides what the core skills are, and who decides what the peripheral skills can... Continue Reading →

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