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Our services will put YOU in control of Performance Development and Management, by building a sustainable platform for future investments and results – all within a pre-defined budget.


We offer coaching services to both sailors and coaches.

Our Sail Coaching will give YOU these benefits:

  • A pre-defined plan presented to you containing process goals and performance goals – giving YOU an ability to monitor progress.
  • Performance enhancing tools, such as defined and structured risk management techniques and improved prioritisation skills.
  • A major reduction in conventional timescales to achieve your goals through a proven, better prioritised, skill-building structure.
  • An obligation to raise goals due to training tools. For example, our cycle of tasks that we will encourage your team to employ, leading to accelerated learning.
  • Increased efficiency through prioritised usage of resources.
  • Your team will have access to a team of the very top specialists in every World Sailing class.
  • A Toplevel Sailing coaching team who apply their coaching knowledge in a uniform manner with shared technical and tactical core values, leading to an interchangeability of coaches.
  • A saving in YOUR budget on coaching during consolidation periods – this is because of our shared core values, so our Junior Coaches understand the first class training methods and employ them for these periods.
  • A clear program including process and performance goals, ensuring that YOUR goals are achieved (with full cooperation) and you can make an informed opinion on the chances of success. This leads to fewer worries about resources and critical decisions.
  • An ability to choose whether coaching is made available to talented and elite sport individuals, or squads, which may contain aforementioned individuals.

Our Coach Training will give YOU these benefits:

  • An ability to achieve a team of National Coaches, capable of producing top class champions.
  • Control over your own coaching competencies – our program extends to training coach trainers, enabling your national knowledge pool to support the Coach Training process.
  • Reduced cultural and language difficulties.
  • The ability to recognise that the only effective coaching is where continuity and systematic progress is enabled in contrast to employing “fly in” coaches.
  • A legacy created by YOU that will more easily enable talented people to become top class sailors, both now and in the future.
  • The ability to recruit the right people to become talented coaches – Toplevel Sailing have base guidelines to enable a successful process of recruitment.
  • Enabling every citizen to have access to professional coaching that will greatly enhance the number of people engaging in the sport – spread the love of sailing!
  • Continuous support from Toplevel Sailing Performance Directors both during their training, and after, is provided to YOUR coaches.
  • A system that is totally manageable, producing unified coaching across the nation.
  • Performance coaching in sailing schools, as your senior coaches impart knowledge to other coaches.
  • Concerns of each coach training candidate are cared for by a regular, agreed review that will be communicated to you.
  • We understand that your availability of potential coaches may vary, so our training process is geared to suit either individuals, or groups of up to 10 candidates.



Benefits of our Performance Management service includes:

  • Optimal performance of YOUR team by professionalising coordination between administrative, logistical, and operational teams.
  • Management tools to assist in critical decision making to track any campaign, class, or individual sailor.
  • The ability to plan both financial and resource acquisition with many financial and operational benefits.
  • Learn how to manage a team of coaches, hire specialists, and how to gain their knowledge in an efficient manner.
  • Create new and improved successful programs that are both time and cost effective.
  • The ability to differentiate the management techniques suitable for managing elite performers against those required by normal businesses.
  • Challenges and concerns regarding budget and performance goals are looked after through Toplevel Sailing experience, balancing and prioritising the variety of aspects relevant to the campaign against time, budget, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The system is promoted to a TOTALLY professional status, reducing risk and maximising performance within the confines of your budget.



The Toplevel Sailing Consultancy service understands that in order to achieve goals, and ultimately win medals, a lot of different competencies need prioritising and balancing against time, budget, existing resources, existing strengths and weaknesses, your existing athletes and coaches, and opportunities and threats.

Employing our Consultancy services YOU will:

  • See that Toplevel Sailing Performance Directors will take responsibility for the process and deliver professional management of change, freeing your management to be far more effective in their strategical roles.
  • Be given an independent professional analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Feel challenged in a positive and supportive manner to feel motivated to push your organisation harder.
  • Be given an understanding of all complexities involved in enabling an improved decision making process.
  • Feel confident to take the decisions needed to gain medals with minimised risk.
  • Motivate the entire organisation by providing clear goals, risk analysis and good organisation and management.
  • Build a legacy where the organisation will be able to make their own competent judgements and medal making process in years to come.



Our Psychological Support allows YOU to experience the benefits of dealing with focused and motivated sailors who will bring more manageable and performance orientated approach to all the team and management affairs. You will also see these changes:

  • Your sailors will understand the triggers and relationships between stress and performance.
  • The transformation to complete athletes with an increased chance of optimising their performances.
  • A more truthful approach and honest assessments.
  • You will be informed of any needs and processes required by both the team or individuals, and specific actions will be proposed, reported and discussed.
  • The evolution of core beliefs and philosophies, with Toplevel Sailing facilitating this development.



Toplevel Sailing has great understanding of the true fitness level required at the top level of sailing, and also at each level. Our fitness knowledge will give YOU these benefits:

  • Sailors will see an improved ability to perform at their best during events.
  • Fewer injuries, as these can impact so negatively on any program.
  • Access to training methods from Toplevel sailing advisors who have operated at a high level in sailing, football, and other sports.
  • The ability to plan your fitness program around the sailing program, rather than relying on the timings of an outside organisation that may impinge on sailing time.
  • Multiple teams can be engaged in our fitness programs, with specialist requirements being taken care of on an individual basis.
  • A gain in time efficiency and savings in costs because fitness will be an integral part of your sailing program rather than an add-on.



Everyone at Toplevel sailing understands the importance of successful team dynamics and relationships. Our Team Building service provides:

  • An increase in management efficiency when your team subscribes to your core beliefs and values.
  • Development of a synergistic environment when you see the benefits of each team member supporting each other to produce much improved individual performances.
  • An ability to easily control inevitable negative influences that do occur.
  • A self-sufficient team, creating a commitment from the sailing team to support, rather than judge, administration, and administration directly contributing to performance.
  • Better communication and more efficient management process by defining your own organisation core principles and allowing the team building process to integrate these core values into the team.

Benefits of team building are at their peak when the entire team from Chairman or President down engage in this activity. The time commitments of each party will vary.

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