Racing Developments

Driven by the incredible developments of technology in hull and especially sail design over the past 30 years, the powers that be are examining closely whether we should have a more modern version of race track on which to exhibit our skills. Toplevel feel very strongly that the idea of a race is to complete circuits. Changing this in our opinion is the equivalent to a Formula One race being run on a hill climb, or a horse race being unable to view the start and finish. By definition a race track consists of laps, whereas different types of racing consist of other skills needed than in lapping, in any sport!

Interest, Media, Competition, Ideas…

Sailing and the media The image of sailing as a media sport has been under the microscope recently, and has led to some interesting reactions from many parties.  Analysis of sailing competing against other sports for media attention is interesting.  It is also of great concern to purists and traditionalists as some proposed solutions have... Continue Reading →

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