Preparing for Success

Nobody tells you when you're growing up that "winning" and "success" come at a cost.  At world level the cost is many times that which anyone outside top sport can imagine.  It involves the sacrifice of dedication, not for a month or a year, but four years plus to reach anywhere near potential.  The cost... Continue Reading →

Club Sailing

Successful Sailing Club Coaching Whether or not we are engaged in sailing clubs, we all need to recognize the amazing value a sailing club brings to our sport, and the diversity which often exists within their activities. Clubs are thought of as places where people who sail congregate to share their mutual enjoyment of our... Continue Reading →

Tactical Changes

Old School VS Innovative Tactics The evolution of sails and hulls has probably seen greater progress over the past 50 years than in the previous several centuries.  Sailing boat speed has increased by a massive factor, and with it the impact on tactical racing has changed enormously.  Reading books from the 1960’s by Uffa Fox... Continue Reading →

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