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At Toplevel Sailing we believe we have enjoyed a progressive period in sailing, where a greater cross section and a growing demographic of people have had access to sailing, people of all abilities, all races and cultures are able to compete in our great sport

Body Moving

Dynamic Sailing and Bow Splashes One of the most destructive aspects to speed, in any sailing boat, is the bow splashes. This is particularly true in an optimist; more so than any other boat. Due to the shape of the optimist bow, each bow splash is equal to hitting a wall of a couple of... Continue Reading →

Optimist downwind

Kiting and sailing by the lee Sailing fast in an optimist is hard especially in downwind, the boat doesn't accelerate enough to enable surfing as other sailing boats might. There are 2 fast angles on a run, one is broad reaching and the second is sailing hard enough by the lee, both require the use... Continue Reading →

Yilan, Taiwan 2018

Sep. 2017, our club sailors had won 70% medals including 5 of 6 GOLD on Opti, Laser full rig, radial, 4.7 of the National Games in Taiwan. It’s incredible achievement after Pete and Eshed bringing their training program to us since July 2017. Be a local county entry-level sailing club without dedicated full-time coaches, sailors... Continue Reading →

Starting – The Over Rated Art

Starting at a sailing regatta When we see other sailing groups training, the disproportionate emphasis placed on the skills of starting never ceases to amaze us.  There is little doubt that in Optimist sailing the late starter is disadvantaged – the slower the boat, the more time is spent being bounced from one rapidly closing... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Masts

Why does the mast matter? In terms of sailing boat “hardware”,  the mast must be considered one of the most dominant pieces of equipment when considering impact on performance. We have many types of mast, and along with the evolution of hull design and the progression to apparent wind sailing, the mast has probably changed... Continue Reading →

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