Trim For Speed and Height

There is a considered observation that we either have high mode or low mode sailors at the top of any fleet. Sailing high or low mode has individual advantages in different conditions, so we have to look carefully at what we mean by high or low mode. The purpose of this blog is to discuss sailing styles and blow some setup myths apart.

Coach Training

At Toplevel Sailing we consider coach training to be one of the most useful services that we provide. The ability of a club or federation, or any organization to be in charge of their own coaching systems, and have them in a clear format that is both visible and accountable is a huge step forward for most organization. This is based both on feedback from clients and the evidence that a great coach can make a good sai

Learning and Coaching New Skills

Learning and Coaching New Skills The Analysis In any sport there are core skills and peripheral skills. As the athlete progresses the core skills usually multiply, and the peripheral skills will also grow in number. We may then logically ask who decides what the core skills are, and who decides what the peripheral skills can... Continue Reading →

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