Coaching to Win

We've been engaged in several interesting projects lately. We are writing this blog to illustrate the effects of prioritising the right aspects of sailing when coaching, and also to contrast the position of a sailor when subject to a "reactive" coach, when they coach according to conditions and squad behaviour, rather than a proactive coach who coach with certain minimum expectations. We will neither name the class nor the country, because that's irrelevant. What we will do is tell the story.

Inclusivity Blog

At Toplevel Sailing we believe we have enjoyed a progressive period in sailing, where a greater cross section and a growing demographic of people have had access to sailing, people of all abilities, all races and cultures are able to compete in our great sport

Our Analysis of the 2024 Olympic Slate

Every four years there is a rush of blood through the veins of World Sailing (formerly ISAF) as the Olympic “slate” - which is the combination of classes to comprise the Olympics six years from the decision year - is decided.  The process is quite complex, and theoretically thorough, and always leads to criticism, outrage,... Continue Reading →

Toplevel Sailing Gives You WINGS

The complexities of sail coaching The job of coaching sports is fun, invigorating, inspiring, and above all an opportunity for personal development of the coach due to the environment of ambition and talent in which they work. Sailing is a sport of nearly infinite variables. Within each segment of our sport we rarely get the... Continue Reading →

Interest, Media, Competition, Ideas…

Sailing and the media The image of sailing as a media sport has been under the microscope recently, and has led to some interesting reactions from many parties.  Analysis of sailing competing against other sports for media attention is interesting.  It is also of great concern to purists and traditionalists as some proposed solutions have... Continue Reading →

Starting – The Over Rated Art

Starting at a sailing regatta When we see other sailing groups training, the disproportionate emphasis placed on the skills of starting never ceases to amaze us.  There is little doubt that in Optimist sailing the late starter is disadvantaged – the slower the boat, the more time is spent being bounced from one rapidly closing... Continue Reading →

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