Wind We have all encountered this question in the past “What is wind?”. As coaches we have also encountered many different answers to this, but usually the initial response is far from the very simple answer that wind is air movement from high pressure to low pressure. That would lead to a further question; how... Continue Reading →

Speed and DRAG

Speed and DRAG Boats are designed to go through the water, and over the past 70 years have been designed to ride ON the water.  Over the past 10 years plus they’ve also been designed to fly over the water.  These hull designs are termed as displacement (through the water), planing (riding on the water)... Continue Reading →


Gybing a Laser Most sailors will gybe an average of 3-4 times per race, so the toll a bad gybe might take on your overall result is usually minor to an overall performance, however there are gains to be made by performing a good gybe. What are the reasons for gybing? In a laser heading... Continue Reading →


Tacking a Laser Many sailors struggle with the concept of a good tack, in this blog we will try to shed some light as to the right and wrongs when tacking. Firstly, let us discuss the reasons for tacking. The legend Paul Elvstrom once said, "don't tack without a great reason to tack".  By that... Continue Reading →

Power and Sail Shape

De-powering a Sail Boat The question arises many times; how do we keep the boat flat when it gets windy? First, we need to discuss how to move the center of effort on the sails down to a manageable area and how to flatten the sail. The obvious answer to both is by bending the... Continue Reading →

Making the Weight

Ideal Weight and Dynamic Sailing Sailing crew weight is seemingly  best dealt with by most major sailing federations by making it clear that if the sailor is outside the ideal weight, they must get as close as possible to ideal before even being considered for National Sailing Teams. What we find inconsistent about this attitude... Continue Reading →

Block Heads

Sail shape Over the past 50 years sailing boats have probably evolved more than in the previous several centuries.  Drag has been greatly reduced, planing has been understood and rig efficiency and drag has been researched.  The wing is in, square head sails the norm, carbon masts are common.  Let’s consider some of our own... Continue Reading →

Reaching in heavy air

Steady planing In this video you can see the laser sailor (Omer) planing on a reach in 25-30 knots of wind. The obvious thing is to see he is hiking flat out and the bow is out of the water so the boat is riding it's own wave which is called planing, but the hidden... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Sailing

Sailing Within the Boundaries of Rule 42... In order to be fast in sailing now, you have to be dynamic within the boundaries of Rule 42. The Laser Radial sailor Andrea (seen in the video below), from our Taiwan team, picked it up very quick. By healing the boat to the leeward side she is... Continue Reading →

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