Coach Training

At Toplevel Sailing we consider coach training to be one of the most useful services that we provide. The ability of a club or federation, or any organization to be in charge of their own coaching systems, and have them in a clear format that is both visible and accountable is a huge step forward for most organization. This is based both on feedback from clients and the evidence that a great coach can make a good sai

Wind Moves

Dealing with wind changes Sailing is a sport of infinite variables.  These variables happen both inside the sailing boat and in the weather, sea state and within the psychological factors concerning the sailing team.  Few sports can have the complexity that we see in sailing due to the transient nature of “change” that we experience... Continue Reading →

Psychology In Sailing

Psychology In Sailing The role of the sports psychologist is often misunderstood in many, many sports.  In sailing, the direct support these guys give came in largely in the 90s, and more prominently in the past few years.  As with all roles, the manner that this profession applies itself is varied, so this blog is... Continue Reading →

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