Preparing for Success

Nobody tells you when you're growing up that "winning" and "success" come at a cost.  At world level the cost is many times that which anyone outside top sport can imagine.  It involves the sacrifice of dedication, not for a month or a year, but four years plus to reach anywhere near potential.  The cost... Continue Reading →

Why Core?

Muscles were never really considered too vital in sailing until around 2000. There were of course people who believed that Lasers and Windsurfers needed to be fit, but generally this was not carried over to other classes. Now we see fit sailors winning, and less fit sailors rarely doing so. There is a systematic approach that can be taken to physical training, and this begins with the core.

Sailing Fitness

Sailing Fitness and Body Control In nowadays sailing fitness has become a necessity in order to succeed. Dynamic sailing requires control over all your body movements; agility, coordination and speed are essential to help your boat go faster in any dinghy sailing. Rope climbing is just another exercise we use to assist our sailors to... Continue Reading →


Keeping the boat flat and controlled... Initially while (Daniel) the leeward sailor was hiking and working he was the faster boat, the windward sailor (Ogawa) was moving his tiller and allowing the boat to heal. As the windward sailor relaxed he started making better use of his main-sheet and less use of his rudder combined... Continue Reading →

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