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I would like to share my feelings and opinions about the  “Coaches’ Seminar” that was  held in our Tel Aviv club – a sailing club on 19-22.4.2017 by Pete Conway and Eshed Meseritz.

During the four days of the seminar, Eshed and Pete managed to make the club coaches (both beginners and advanced coaches) to change their thinking and attitude about their way of training.

The Coaches learned to investigate themselves better and learned how to prioritize their training phase in relation to observing their group.

In addition, Pete and Eshed opened a new way of thinking within the coaches on the subject of how is it best to speak, when and how many.

More than – a feedback was made on the basis of Eshad and Pete’s joining  the sea training exercises that the coaches gave. This led the coaches to receive live samples from the field.

In conclusion, I can say that the seminar contributed greatly to our coaches’ thinking in view of the short term and long term as well.

The coaches learned how to build short and long goals while learning how to implement the patterns from the  sailing training system..

All the staff of the club, said that the seminar contributed a great deal and added to the knowledge of the coaches while creating a healthy dialogue between the lecturers and the coaches themselves.

I will certainly continue to work with Pete and Eshed as early on Coming  September.

Appreciate and thank you

See you at sea

Ayal Hamburger


Hapoel Tel-Aviv sailing club

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