Our program here started in July 2017, by the end of September the team had won 5 out of 6 GOLDS at the Taiwan National Games. Previously they had won a maximum of 3. As well as this, a BRONZE medal was achieved in the Shanghai Optimist Regatta.

Our continued program with Yilan produced a top ten result at the Laser Radial Asian championship 2018 and a Topper World champion that year.

By 2019 the team won a record breaking 7 gold medals out of 8 at the national games and 16 out of total 22 medals awarded (We werer all over the news)

We also began to introduce the squad to international racing and at her first ever international event Huang He Hsi AKA Lucy managed to finish 25th overall and 3rd girl at the laser 4.7 Europa cup in Portugal.

We have also been coaching the olympic qualifier campaign for Chiang Hsiu Chuan AKA Ogawa. Ogawa did a speed campaign of 15 months in an attempt to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. By the end of his campaign March 2020 he started gaining respect at the world stage with very good racing at the front of the Andalusian olympic week and was about to race the Asian qualifier at the peak of his performance when Covid 19 caused a year of turmoil, the event was eventually raced a year later and after spending a year training at home with no racing didn’t achieve olympic qualifying.

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