Coaching to Win

We've been engaged in several interesting projects lately. We are writing this blog to illustrate the effects of prioritising the right aspects of sailing when coaching, and also to contrast the position of a sailor when subject to a "reactive" coach, when they coach according to conditions and squad behaviour, rather than a proactive coach who coach with certain minimum expectations. We will neither name the class nor the country, because that's irrelevant. What we will do is tell the story.

Downwind Sailing

Many top sailors complain about either their downwind speed or state that they don’t know how to sail downwind. In reality this is usually based on an emotion and mental challenges rather than what an observer may see, but there is can be a hint of truth in such statement as they might be slow in certain conditions. In this article we look at the real deal with both top sailors and amateurs falling into the same errors quite often.

Effective Pumping

There is no secret... The secret to being fast is to never go slow, during our sail coaching sessions we encourage our sailors to adopt a dynamic sailing approach. We are discussing the effective and legal way to propel the boat forward to increase and maintain speed. This video demonstrates the basic concept in a... Continue Reading →

Making the Weight

Ideal Weight and Dynamic Sailing Sailing crew weight is seemingly  best dealt with by most major sailing federations by making it clear that if the sailor is outside the ideal weight, they must get as close as possible to ideal before even being considered for National Sailing Teams. What we find inconsistent about this attitude... Continue Reading →

Sailing Fitness

Sailing Fitness and Body Control In nowadays sailing fitness has become a necessity in order to succeed. Dynamic sailing requires control over all your body movements; agility, coordination and speed are essential to help your boat go faster in any dinghy sailing. Rope climbing is just another exercise we use to assist our sailors to... Continue Reading →

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