Dynamic Sailing

This video allows us to see the difference between a dynamic sailor who is steering the boat to maintain speed, jumping waves and being dynamic and a sailor straight lining the run.
Even when it is windy it is always faster to be dynamic; notice how the leech is open. This allows the sailor to have control of the boat, paired with the boom being slightly sheeted in to keep the center of effort low and centered relative to the center board, by luffing up to a very broad reach the sailing boat accelerates which allows the opportunity to surf down a wave, and accelerate some more as the boat is sailing hard enough by the lee to jump waves. The roll adds an additional acceleration to ensure maximum speed is reached.
The other boat is limited by wave speed and would inevitably go slower.
The secret to going fast is to never allow a ‘break’ in the speed; the dynamic boat is constantly maintaining speed by understanding the course and the correct technique to use in the weather conditions.

A major aspect of Toplevel Sailing Sail coaching philosophy is the use of dynamic sailing to ensure boat speed within the limits of rule 42.

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