Dynamic Sailing

Sailing Within the Boundaries of Rule 42…

In order to be fast in sailing now, you have to be dynamic within the boundaries of Rule 42.

The Laser Radial sailor Andrea (seen in the video below), from our Taiwan team, picked it up very quick. By healing the boat to the leeward side she is luffing up enough (enough has to be felt), generating a big roll all the way to a windward heal to propel the boat using that heal to bare away and surf down the wave. The purpose is to stay on a wave for as long as possible. That means that she will be trying to keep her bow lower then her stern. As soon as the boat slows down she will start the process all over again.
Note that the tiller is stationary all along the way as moving the tiller creates turbulence in the water that slows the boat down.

Toplevel Sailing sail coaches encourage our sailors to adopt a dynamic sailing approach, teaching the proper advanced sailing techniques, and all within the boundaries of the sailing rules.

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