Yilan, Taiwan 2018

Sep. 2017, our club sailors had won 70% medals including 5 of 6 GOLD on Opti, Laser full rig, radial, 4.7 of the National Games in Taiwan. It’s incredible achievement after Pete and Eshed bringing their training program to us since July 2017. Be a local county entry-level sailing club without dedicated full-time coaches, sailors used to have only three hours on the water per week before. They got huge improvement from Pete and Eshed in these two months! Remembered the 1st day kick off the training when Eshed and Pete arrived here, kids are struggling with continuously capsizing and only half of them could sail back to shore without help at about 15~17 knots wind. After 3 weeks, them could survive or sail well above 18 knots. Pete and Eshed customized three major training areas for our sailors: Technical, Tactical and Fitness. Technical includes Power, Flow, Bow steering, Trim and body dynamics, Downwind Surfing, and Mainsheet work. Tactical are related to observation, Prioritization, planning, risk management. Fitness focused on Core, Endurance, and Cardiovascular.

Each day, only one or two of Technical or Tactical topics be briefed and practiced. So, sailors could concentrate on major task step by step before going forward. On the water, Pete and Eshed don’t tell sailors the answer directly. Instead, they keep asking “right” questions to inspire sailors. After de-briefing, they always asked sailors what you learned today and surprisingly kids could easily answer this question. Also, they do enjoy Pete’s British humor even though they may not fully understand the meaning J Fitness is definitely the weakness of our kids, Eshed pushed them to the limit during 30~40 mins fitness every day. It’s really hard but PLAY hard because Eshed setup some funny games so fitness is not boring WORK at all.

The greatest gift is Pete and Eshed truly understood that our club is mainly operated by parents and volunteers who are not advanced sailors and coaches. So, they introduced their unique – industry leading from my viewpoint – sustainable coaching and team building framework to us. To ask sailors correct questions and to express no opinion about their answer/performance. Thus, any technical help was came from sailors self, not parents. Sailors could learn and grow by supporting each other. So, parents could dedicated on training management, backend support, internal organization, and external communication. With affordable budget, now our sailors could be trained by world top level coaches thru long term cooperation. We cannot wait Pete and Eshed return here quarterly. I highly recommended TopLevel Sailing if your club have similar background as ours. Good wind and Sail to WIN!





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