Karyna Manuel GBR

I was coached by Toplevel Sailing for over a year both in Laser Radial and 49erFX. In that time both Eshed and Pete helped me as an athlete and as a person in many ways. I improved a lot every time I went to train with them and would really push my boundaries in training, practicing the most advanced sailing techniques and methods. We would spend long hours on the water getting intense training. Not only did I get brilliant coaching in small focus groups, but they also helped me a lot with my fitness, Teaching me how to get fitter, stronger and heavier for radial sailing, cycling and also helped with nutrition and mental strategies.

At the end of 2015 I moved into 49erFX and was coached by Toplevel Sailing as well. Eshed and Pete are more than just an on-the-water coaches. They would give us advice on fitness, nutrition and mental game and was extremely detailed and experienced in their coaching. I was always proud to put the company sticker on my sail

One memory I have that I will always be grateful for is when I was sailing in the Europeans, (Eshed was not my coach at this event as I was a part of RYA team for this event) and I ripped my sail on the starting line. I heard the rip but before I realized what had happened I already had a towline around my mast and Eshed was towing me full speed to the shore so I could have a chance of making out to the next race.


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